SYNOPSIS: This year's western drama was a lot of fun. We took a trip back to Sourdough City, reunited with Sheriff Showdown Sam and other familiar characters, and met a whole lot of new ones! The Gardner family just seems to have a knack for getting into trouble by pretending to be someone they're not. When Buddy's bumbling nephew, Casey, tried to impersonate Showdown Sam, he got himself into all kinds of hilarious situations. With all the makings of a fun western, including another bank robbery, hilarious gunfight, complicated romance, hogtied robber, and a mysterious bad guy, this was one entertaining story! It also packed a moral lesson as our naïve protagonist learned the hard way that choices have consequences and that it's always right to do what's right! If you missed the show, we got it on DVD! Email us to find out how you can get a copy.
Written & Directed by Jonathan Miller
Presented March 11-13, 2010
A special thanks to Jeanine Birdsall for the following photos...