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school building.The inside is very close to being finished. God's amazing blessings have allowed us to construct a nice gymnasium, a beautiful learning center, a kindergarten room, library, conventional classrooms, staff offices, locker rooms, cafeteria and kitchen. We're also looking ahead to building our stage in the gymnasium. If you would like to get involved in helping our building project move forward, just click on the Donate Now! button under the links to your left or contact us today!
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Bird Lake Bible School is commited to providing a wholesome learning atmosphere where students can receive a quality, Christian education.
A Wholesome Learning Atmosphere
An Individualized Curriculum
A Commitment to Excellence
A Biblically-based, individualized curriculum ensures that learning takes place at the child's achievement level.
A commitment to excellence allows our school to maintain model school status and encourages students to graduate with an education that surpasses Michigan Merit Curriculum standards.
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Building the Future
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Training Today's be Tomorrow's Leaders
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The 2014-2015 School Year is well under way! Thank God for an inspiring staff and industrious students!

It's here! Check out this season's schedule today!
Beacons' Schedule
April 2, 6 PM
11th Annual School Auction
April 3
No School
April 7-9
Stanford 10 Testing
April 18-26
Spring Break
May 5-8
Regional Student Convention
May 21
Awards Banquest
May 23, 1 PM